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2017 BioLogos Conference: "Christ and Creation"

Huston, Texas
Mercoledì, 29 Marzo 2017
Venerdì, 31 Marzo 2017

Dal 29 al 31 marzo 2017 si terrà a Huston, Texas, il convegno "Christ and Creation" organizzato da BioLogos.

Worship Leader
Aaron Niequist, Willow Creek Community Church

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Plenary Speakers
N.T. Wright - New Testament and Early Christianity Scholar, University of St. Andrews
"Science Mike" McHargue - Host of the "Ask Science Mike" podcast
Andy Crouch - Author and Executive Editor, Christianity Today
Deborah Haarsma - Astronomer, President of BioLogos
Elaine Howard Ecklund - Sociologist, Rice University
Praveen Sethupathy - Geneticist, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
James Stump - Philosopher, Senior Editor for BioLogos
April Maskiewicz - Biologist, Point Loma Nazarene University
Workshop Speakers
Jeffrey Schloss - Biologist, Senior Scholar for BioLogos, Westmont College
John Walton - Old Testament Scholar, Wheaton College