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Deadline for the interdisciplinary conference:"Practicing Science: Virtues, Values, and the Good Life"

Domenica, 1 Luglio 2018

Scientific practice throughout history has been linked with virtue. Philosophers from ancient Greece through the medieval period viewed the study of the natural world as a means to develop intellectual and moral virtues. While virtue language has largely disappeared from discussions of science, moral dispositions and judgments continue to play a significant role in scientific practice. This conference is the culmination of a 3-year project at the University of Notre Dame, exploring the relationship between virtue and scientific practice with a focus on laboratory research in biology.
Speakers include: Kristján Kristjánsson, Andrew Pinsent, Michael Spezio, Matthew Stanely, Anna Abram, Markus Christen, Fern Eldson Baker, Don Howard, Antje Jackelén, Gerald McKenny, Darcia Narvaez, and Michael Welker
Registration Deadline: 1 July 2018 
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