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Workshop: "How theories are born between science, philosophy and theology"

Lunedì, 26 Novembre 2018

How theories are born between science, philosophy and theology
November 26, 2018

When a scientific theory takes shape, new concepts and terms come to light. During the process of their invention, they may need to borrow concepts and terms from other disciplines. It is only at a later stage that formal rigor will take over, appropriately separating the areas. Throughout history, theology has often offered suggestions and abstractions to scientists who consciously or unconsciously made use of them. This happened in the past, but it still happens today. The metaphysical and theological background of some scientific theories is investigated here, taking into account particular aspects of the works of some important scientists.
h. 15.00 | Workshop introduction: Flavia Marcacci (IRAFS, Pontifical Lateran University)
h. 15.15 | Newton: The Relativity of Motion and the Metaphysics of Absolute Space: Robert DiSalle (Western University London, Ontario)
h. 16.00 | Einstein theologian: Don Howard (Notre Dame University, Indiana)
h. 16.45 | Coffee break
h. 17.00 | The Universe was an Atom. Georges Lemaître and the birth of Big bang theory: Dominique Lambert (Universite’ Namur, Belgium)
h. 17.45 | Panel discussion
h. 18.15 | Workshop Ends

Pontifical Lateran University, Papa Francesco Room
Piazza s. Giovanni in Laterano 4, Roma